Our Commitment

To create solutions that deliver value, Luminous Tec has created our core engagement model when working with our clients:
  • An understanding of our customer ’s business environment and their market drivers (the markets and drivers that concern them).
  • Identify and address the "absence of value" (the consequences and costs our customers experience in the absence of value).
  • Provide a collaborative decision process that enables our customers to attain the value we agreed to.

Our Guarantee

We understand that in order to have a successful business relationship it must be a win/win for all parties and because of this we offer as standard practice:

One Week Consulting at No Cost¹, Risk Free!

Information Technology is a fast growing industry. New architecture and multiple software platforms are forcing the application development process to undergo a massive change. The technical skill factor has no longer remained a guarantee

Luminous Tec would like to do our part in helping our clients remain competitive in attaining the best talent and we will not charge you an "arm and a leg" when we find the talent for you.